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Weekly Power Product Recap

June 29, 2020 by Alessandro Mascellino

This article highlights new products from Keysight Technologies, Nexperia, Empower, CUI Inc, Allegro and TDK.

This week’s article showcases a variety of new products, from DC power supplies and DFN (Discrete Flat No leads) packages to integrated voltage regulators (IVRs), isolated converters, current sensors, and rechargeable batteries.


DC power supplies From Keysight

These new bidirectional, regenerative DC power supplies by Keysight provide integrated safety features developed to protect people and devices under test (DUT). 


Image used courtesy of Keysight
Image used courtesy of Keysight


The RP7900 Series’ regenerative structure has been developed to enable the energy normally consumed during usage to be returned to the grid cleanly.

Designed for high power applications in the automotive and energy industries as well as aerospace defense and infrastructure, these power supplies are part of Keysight's HEV/EV Power Converter Test Solutions.

The RP7900 series includes two models, respectively a 20 kW and up to 2,000 V, and features Autoranging output characteristic, and sub-millisecond command-processing time.

The power supplies also offer simultaneous voltage and current measurement capabilities, as well as an optimized rack space due to their compact size of 20 kW in 3U height.

The RP7900 series is already available on Keysight’s website, starting at $27,335. For more information, you can check the products’ page on the company’s website


DFN packages From Nexperia

The latest addition to Nexperia’s automotive-qualified, automated optical inspection (AOI)-compatible DFN, the AEC-Q101 series encompasses a variety of different components.


Image used courtesy of Nexperia
Image used courtesy of Nexperia


They include switching, Schottky, Zener and protection diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), N- and P-channel MOSFETs, resistor-equipped transistors, and LED drivers.

The Nexperia DFN package technology upon which the new packages are based supports a Tj capability of up to 175°C.

Nexperia’s DFN devices’ dimensions are also very portable, starting from 0.6 mm2 and offering a PCB space-saving of up to 90 % when compared to traditional SOT23 devices. 

The AEC-Q101 series is already in production, with the company announcing more packages to be added later this year.

Among the types available in future packages will be standard, high-runner products such as BC847, BC817, BAV99, and more.

For a full list of the new DFN packages and more information about their specifications, you can check this link here.


Integrated Voltage Regulators (IVRs) From Empower

Integrating a triple output DC/DC power supply with no external components into a single tiny 5mm x 5mm package, the EP70xx is the latest IVR Series released by Empower.


Image used courtesy of Empower.
Image used courtesy of Empower.


According to the company, the devices would be able to attain up to 10x higher current density, 3x tighter accuracy during transients, and 1000x faster dynamic voltage scaling than traditional IVRs.

Featuring peak efficiencies of up to 91%, the EP70xx family was designed for use in data centers and can enable fast and lossless processor state changes saving 30% or more of processor power.

The new series of IVRs by Empower currently includes eight products: four triples, two duals, and two singles. 

The EP70xx IVRs are available from 1A to 10A in a 5x5mm or 4x4mm package with a 0.75mm profile, as well as in bumped die form for co-packaging with digital ICs, intended to deploy full power management integration into the SoC.

For a more detailed review of Empower’s latest IVRs, you can check out this article on the site.


Isolated Dc-Dc Converters From CUI

Offering wide input ranges, robust operating temperatures, and EN 62368-1 certification, these isolated Dc-Dc Converters by CUI Inc come in both SIP & DIP-packages.

Four devices are currently part of the new series: PRQ3W-S, PQD10W-D, PQF20W-D, and PRF30W-D.


Image used courtesy of CUI Inc.
Image used courtesy of CUI Inc.


The components offer continuous power rates between 3 W and 30 W, as well as different operating temperatures, but all of them have asymmetrical outputs.

The feature refers to the converters having two outputs that are isolated from each other, making these devices for space-constrained applications requiring two load outputs.

These may include motor control circuits, distributed power supply systems, and hybrid module systems.

The new isolated Dc-Dc Converters by CUI Inc are already available and are priced $8.78 per unit at 25 pieces. 

You can contact CUI at this link for OEM pricing or modified and custom designs.


Current Sensors From Allegro

The ACS37002 is Allegro’s latest addition to the company’s Hall-effect current sensors’ portfolio.

The components feature 400kHz sensing bandwidth up to 180 A with low offset and better than 1% typical total accuracy over the automotive temperature range (-40°C to 150°C). 


Image used courtesy of Allegro Microsystems.
Image used courtesy of Allegro Microsystems.


The ACS37002 family was designed for demanding green energy industrial and electric vehicle applications, including Solar power inverters and DC/DC converter loop control.

Faster switching via maximizing the speed of the Hall plates also allows the new current sensors to be utilized with SiC and GaN switches.

This allows tighter control of the motor or power converter control loop, thus improving the overall efficiency of the system, and helping designers reduce overall system size at the same time.

The ACS37002 current sensors are available in three different SOICW-16 packages. You can check their datasheets and prices on Allegro’s website here.


Rechargeable Batteries from TDK

TDK first developed CeraCharge, the world’s first rechargeable solid-state SMD battery, last year.

Now, the company has released a new compact (4.4 x 3.0 x 1.1 mm3) packaging for it.

The latest iteration of CeraCharge comes in a packing unit named B73180A0101M199 and includes 10 blister-packed batteries in a vacuum-sealed plastic bag.


Image used courtesy of TDK.
Image used courtesy of TDK.


The batteries can be recharged more than 1,000 times, and have a capacity of 100 µAh at a nominal voltage of 1.5 V.

The SMD technology behind these components means fitting the batteries and processing them in reflow soldering processes is relatively straightforward. This, in turn, reduces the production costs of the device. 

CeraCharge can operate in a temperature range of -20 °C to +80 °C and uses a ceramic solid as electrolyte instead of liquid electrolyte to eliminate the risk of fire, explosion, or leakage.

The battery has been developed by TDK for IoT applications, including real-time clocks, Bluetooth beacons, and energy harvesting.


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