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VYCON Introduces Next Generation Flywheel Energy Storage Systems

October 02, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

VYCON, a designer and manufacturer of high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, announced its new VDC and VDC-XE direct connect dc power systems for UPS applications that are said to address mission-critical application’s pressing need for clean continuous backup power that is reliable, predictable and environmentally-friendly. The new VDC systems feature higher power and more energy storage in a smaller footprint than VYCON’s previous generation system.

Utilizing VYCON’s patented flywheel technology, the VDC unit provides up to 220kW of dc power while the VDC-XE (Xtended Energy) model supplies up to 300kW of dc power within a single cabinet. For longer run times and higher power capacities, the VDC models can be easily paralleled without needing a special communications link. For extended power outages, the company claims that the VDC will seamlessly provide enough ride-through protection to transfer to a standby engine generator for a continuous power system.

Tested and compatible with all major brands of three-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, the company claims that the new VDC units feature a 20-year life without a major service interval. Featuring optimised power electronics for significantly improved power density, the new energy storage systems replace traditional lead-acid backup batteries used with UPS systems – said to provide users with a smarter and greener approach to power protection.

"Our new VDC and VDC-XE units are the ideal solution for mission-critical operations that need an extremely reliable yet green, energy storage solution," said VYCON’s Chief Marketing Officer, Frank DeLattre. "Users will especially appreciate the units’ smaller footprint, simple installation and extremely low maintenance with no mechanical bearing replacement compared to other competitive units. As weather problems and the continual decline of the nation’s power grid plague ‘always on operations,’ our flywheel systems offer users a very dependable and reliable choice in providing uncompromised power protection. We have already received several advance orders for the VDC and VDC-XE indicating the products features and benefits are being well received with mission critical customers."

For applications without an engine generator-set or for those who still want to use batteries, the VDC and VDC-XE can operate in parallel with batteries. In this configuration, the VDC is said to be the first line of defense against power disturbances – saving the batteries for prolonged power outages. By absorbing the power glitches, the VDC systems are said to significantly increase battery life by handling over 98 percent of the discharges that would normally have shortened the batteries useful life. And, with the models slim footprint, the VDC occupies only a fraction of the floor space of batteries.