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valve-regulated battery management system

September 26, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

MCM Enterprise Ltd. (Bellevue, WA) introduced a valve-regulated battery management and monitoring system to its CellSense family of lead acid battery monitors. This new system, the CellSense–VR, was developed in conjunction with EPRI and is designed to address the monitoring needs of valve regulated lead acid storage batteries. Ten parameters are monitored for early detection of trouble. CellSense allows for battery bank and individual cell monitoring, which can be used even for remote and isolated sites. A proprietary temperature sensor assists in ready recognition of thermal runaway. CellSense monitors a variety of individual cell and bank parameters to help the users assess the current condition of their batteries and evaluate their availability for service. Individual cell parameters include voltage, temperature, resistive voltage drop, and float current bypass. These parameters provide the user with a clear picture of cell charge efficiency and health. Monitored bank parameters include voltage, bipolar current to track float and discharge currents, ambient temperature, total resistive voltage drop, ripple current, and ripple voltage. The CellSense–VR is currently available with prices starting at $3,750.