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UPS Integrates Flywheel and Battery Energy Storage

April 01, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Active Power, Inc. is now offering an Extended Runtime option on its CleanSource HD UPS that provides operators up to 30 minutes of additional UPS runtime. A secondary energy storage system -- such as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries or Active Power's CleanSource DC product -- supplements the primary flywheel to protect mission critical loads against both short and long term utility outages. The flywheel energy storage of CleanSource HD serves as primary backup protection and bridge to generator. Battery backup is available in scenarios where additional runtime is needed to support switching over applications in a cloud or virtualized environment or providing extended response in microgrid applications, as examples.

CleanSource HD with Extended Runtime features battery monitoring software that provides key parameters -- alarms and notifications -- and can support up to six standard VRLA cabinets or one centralized battery disconnect. "CleanSource HD with the Extended Runtime option is ideally suited for those applications that require longer UPS autonomy, providing a 'belt and suspenders' approach for customers who want higher levels of reliability in their electrical design," said Todd Kiehn, senior director, Product Management, at Active Power.

"This combination of motion technology and battery energy storage enhances system reliability with the flywheel extending the useful life of the battery by eliminating short duration discharges. As a result, initial and replacement battery costs are reduced, and coupled with higher operating efficiencies, helps lower total cost of ownership compared to legacy UPS," Kiehn continued.

"With a dynamic electromechanical system like CleanSource HD, demand failures are highly unlikely," said Steve Fairfax, president, at MTechnology, Inc. "The combination of two distinct energy sources (flywheel and batteries) further improves reliability over conventional battery UPS, reducing the risk of failure by 85 percent in a utility outage lasting less than 10 seconds.1 The Extended Runtime feature adds another element of reliability to the backup power system versus simply deploying more battery cabinets to a double conversion UPS."