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Thru Hole Metal Film Resistors Offer High Power to Size Ratio

January 14, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Stackpole's RNS series is intended for designs that require downsizing or added features. It is also expected to be a popular choice for new designs that require the smallest form factor possible for a given power rating. Specifically, the RNS ½ W has a 1/8 W body size, the 1 W has a ¼ watt body size, and the RNS 2 W has a ½ watt body size.

The RNS is able to achieve this high power handling performance through rigorous process control of a unique power film alloy. The standard flameproof silicone coating enhances its usefulness at high power levels.

The RNS series performance will be useful in a variety of applications and end products. Among the applications would be home appliances, solid state power supplies, instrumentation, safety equipment, welding systems, robotics, and industrial power and control applications where an axial leaded resistor robust performance under harsh environmental conditions is desired.

Pricing will vary depending on size, tolerance, and TCR and ranges from $0.03 to $0.095 each in full reel quantities.