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SIMBA Announces Power Electronics Public Beta Release

October 08, 2020 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights SIMBA that is a lightweight but powerful Power Electronics simulation environment.

After years of development, we are now ready to give you the first beta version of the upcoming SIMBA Power Electronics Simulation Software! Feel free to give it a try, install it and play around.


Image courtesy of SIMBA. 


SIMBA is a lightweight but powerful Power Electronics simulation environment. Our ambition is to create a platform simple enough for students and lobbyists but sufficiently fast and powerful for most complicated use cases.

SIMBA includes a new generation of simulation engine called Predictive Time-Step solver. SIMBA automatically finds and uses the optimal time step to simulate all time constants and events of a converter without compromising the accuracy.

An independent Python module is also available for advanced tasks and post-processing. The SIMBA Python Library contains hundreds of functions providing direct access to SIMBA such as creating a circuit, modifying parameters, running a simulation, and retrieving results.

To join the free public beta or for more information, go to


About AESIM.Tech

AESIM.Tech is a Canadian startup based in Montréal focusing on developing the next generation of power electronics simulation software. Our first product SIMBA is currently in public beta.