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Programmable, CC/CV, Synchronous, Step-Up Converter with Output Disconnect

November 17, 2017 by Paul Shepard

The MP3424 from Monolithic Power Systems is a high-efficiency, synchronous, current-mode, step-up converter with output disconnect. The MP3424 targets various load capability boosts from a battery input with an accurate load current limit.

The P-channel MOSFET disconnects the output from the input during shutdown.

The MP3424 starts up from an input voltage as low as 2V while providing inrush current limiting, output short-circuit protection (SCP), and programmable load current limit. The integrated P-channel synchronous rectifier improves efficiency and eliminates the need for an external Schottky diode.

The 580kHz switching frequency allows for small external components, while internal compensation and soft-start minimize the external component count. The MP3424 provides flexible current limit programming for up to 5V/3.1A load from a supply voltage down to 2.8V.

Targeted applications include:

  • Battery-Powered Products
  • Power Bank, Juice Packs, Battery Back-Up Units
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • USB Power Supplies
  • Consumer Electronic Accessories

The MP3424 is available in a QFN-14 (2mmx2mm) package. Here's a schematic of a typical application:

(click on schematic to enlarge)

Features include:

  • 2V to 5.5V Input Work Range
  • 3V to 5.5V Output Range
  • Supports 5V/3.1A Output from 2.8V Input
  • Programmable up to 9.5A Switching Current Limit
  • Programmable Average Load Current Limit
  • 580kHz Fixed Frequency Switching
  • Up to 97% Efficiency
  • Internal Soft Start and Compensation
  • True Output Load Disconnect from Input
  • Over-Current Protection (OCP), Short-Circuit Protection (SCP), and Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)