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Portable 5W Solar Battery Charger from Ixys

June 22, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Ixys Corporation today announced the availability of Solarade – the smallest and lightest 5W solar charger designed for smart phones, tablets, and multi-media players. Measuring 230mm in length, 160mm in width, and 17mm in height and weighing only 170g, the Solarade is highly portable and efficient. Its monocrystalline solar panel/module has a high efficiency of 20 percent and generates a 5V output at 1A. Designed with a 5V built-in regulator, it is powerful enough to charge at the same speed as a regular wall charger – it is able to fully charge the iPhone 5 in 1.5-2 hours.

The maximum charge rate is obtained when the solar panel is perpendicular to direct sunlight. A built-in sun-angle adjuster can be used to position the panel appropriately for the optimum exposure to sunlight. A red LED indicator light will come on when the Solarade is generating electrical power.

Through an integrated USB port, the Solarade can be connected to mobile devices, using a USB cable. This slim solar charger can be used to charge Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and Tabs, iPads, GPS devices, digital cameras, e-readers, video cameras, external batteries, flashlights, and many other electronic gadgets. This product is also suitable for backup dc power to charge batteries and portable equipment for hikers, travelers and off-grid power locations.