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OmniOn Power System Tackles Demands of 5G Deployments

December 30, 2023 by Jake Hertz

Powered by power-dense rectifiers, OmniOn’s BPS48 power system offers high power output in small form factors.

The recent roll-out of 5G technology has been transformative for the communications industry but has also created challenges for the power industry. Specifically, the rapid expansion and increased density of telecommunications networks, driven by the demand for faster, more reliable connections, have necessitated a new breed of power systems that are both efficient and adaptable in a variety of environments. Meeting these demands requires innovation to handle high-density power needs without sacrificing performance. 


5G communications networks require high-density power solutions.

5G communications networks require high-density power solutions. Image used courtesy of National Cybersecurity Center

To answer this call, OmniOn Power has created a power system solution designed to power the next generation of telecommunications infrastructure. 


BPS Power System

OmniOn’s BPS48 Power System is a sophisticated solution for high-density, rack-mounted power supply demands, featuring advanced technical specifications tailored for varied applications. 

A notable aspect of the BPS48 is its compact form factor. The system sizes range from a minimal 5U to a larger 11RU configuration, compatible with 19” and 23” rack widths. Within these form factors, the system integrates rectifiers, controllers, battery monitoring, and both integrated and external distribution options to ensure optimal performance across diverse environmental conditions.


The BPS48 Power System. Image used courtesy of OmniOn Power


Central to the system's operation is the Galaxy Pulsar Plus Controller, a versatile component shared across various OmniOn Power DC Power products, differing mainly in form factor to match specific applications. The controller employs standard network management protocols, enabling extensive system supervision and supporting advanced monitoring and control functionalities accessible both locally and remotely. This adaptability ensures the controller can efficiently manage a wide spectrum of power management requirements.

OmniOn states these power systems were designed specifically to meet the needs of 5G deployments, which require a power supply that can handle high-density demands without sacrificing efficiency. The BPS48 rectifiers, capable of delivering 2000 W each, cater to this need. In a 19” rack, the system can support up to five rectifiers per shelf (200 A per shelf), and in a 23” rack, up to six rectifiers (300 A per shelf). 


BP-Series Rectifiers

The major technical highlight of the BPS48 is the new BP-Series rectifiers, which are notable for their compactness and high power density. The flagship offering is the BP040AC48ATEZ.

The BP040AC48ATEZ is designed to handle a wide input voltage range, accommodating 100-120 VAC and 200-240 VAC. This goes with an impressive output capability of ±54 VDC (typ) at 2000 W. The output is also adjustable between 42 V and 58 VDC. Occupying a mere 1 RU space, these rectifiers achieve a power density of 42 W/in³, making them a perfect fit for environments where space is at a premium. Additionally, these rectifiers are designed to operate efficiently in temperatures from -40°C to +75°C and are NEBS Level 3 certified and Zone 4 rated for reliability in various installation environments.


BP040AC48ATEZ efficiency versus output current. Image used courtesy of OmniOn Power


With peak efficiencies over 96%, the BP040AC48ATEZ is adept at powering 48 VDC distributed power architectures. Its efficiency and power capabilities make it suitable for powering routers, VoIP systems, telecom switches, and various network applications. This adaptability makes it particularly relevant for telecommunication networks, including those that support emerging 5G technologies.


Advancing 5G

The advancement of 5G technology is bringing some challenges for the underlying power systems. Solutions like OmniOn Power's BPS48 aim to address this challenge through power solutions that are efficient, compact, and versatile. As we look to the future, a synergy between power supply technology and telecommunications will play a critical role in shaping the capabilities and reach of network systems.