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NJR Intros NJM2874/75/76 LDO Voltage Regulators

February 27, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

New Japan Radio Co. Ltd. (Japan) announced its new NJM2874, NJM2875 and NJM2876 low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulators with on/off control, which come in SOT-23 packages and are suitable for use in portable devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras. The devices exhibit a typical noise of 45µVrms and a typical dropout voltage of 0.1V. The devices have a ripple rejection of up to 75dB and deliver a maximum output current of 150mA. Output voltages are available from 2.1V to 5V with ±1 percent tolerance.

The company also announced the release of the NJM2397 LDO regulator with an adjustable output voltage from 1.5V to 20V and a maximum output current of 1.5A. Available in a TO-220F-4 package, the IC is suitable for power modules, TV receivers and automobile radios. The regulator exhibits a dropout voltage of 0.2V and accepts a maximum input of 35V. Other features include internal short-circuit and thermal-overload protection.