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New Power-Only USB Type C Receptacle Delivers Power up to 100W

December 09, 2020 by Hailey Stewart

By removing the data transfer pins, this USB Type C receptacle is a more cost-effective solution for designs where charging or power is the sole function.

CUI Devices’ Interconnect Group today announced the latest addition to their line of power-only USB Type C connectors. The UJC-HP-G-SMT-TR is an 8-pin USB Type C receptacle boasting the full 100 W of power delivery supported by USB Type C with its 5 A current rating and 20 Vdc voltage rating. The previously released UJC-HP-3-SMT-TR was a 6-pin, 60 W version with 3 A and 20 Vdc ratings, respectively. By removing the data transfer pins, this USB Type C receptacle is a more cost-effective solution for designs, where charging or power is the sole function.


Image courtesy of CUI
Image courtesy of CUI

The UJC-HP-G-SMT-TR is housed in a surface mount package, while featuring high reliability up to 10,000 mating cycles, an operating temperature range from -25 to 85°C, and reflow solder compatibility. This power-only USB Type C receptacle can also mate with any standard USB Type C plug, further adding to its accessibility and simplified design integration.

The UJC-HP-G-SMT-TR is available immediately with prices starting at $0.79 per unit at 1000 pieces through distribution.



  • Product name: UJC-HP-G-SMT-TR
  • Availability: Stock to 6 weeks
  • Possible users: Charging or power-only applications
  • Primary features: 100 W power-only USB Type C receptacle, compatible with any USB Type C plug
  • Cost: $0.79 per unit at 1000 pieces through distribution

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