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Motech Industries Debuts MHC103P Solar Cell

April 02, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Motech Industries Inc. (Taiwan) recently debuted the MHC103P polycrystalline silicon solar cell. The new cell measures 103 square-millimeters, with a thickness of 0.32mm, ±0.02mm. The cell is rated at 1.22W, with a conversion efficiency of 11.5 percent. At maximum power, current rating for the MHC103P is 2.54A and voltage rating is 0.48V. The cells offer a short-circuit current of 2.5A and an open-current voltage of 0.59V.

Motech claims that pricing for its new MHC103P cells is about 10 percent lower than comparable models. Minimum order is 5,000 units per shipment.