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Micrel Semiconductor Announces the MIC2025, MIC2075, MIC2026 and MIC2076 Power-Distribution Switches

January 09, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Micrel Semiconductor Inc. (San Jose, CA) recently announced the availability of two single- and two dual-channel, high-side power-distribution switches designed for USB applications to enhance current-limit performance and an over-current response filter. The MIC2025, MIC2075, MIC2026 and MIC2076 are available in eight-pin SOIC, DIP and MSOP packages.

According to Micrel, the MIC2025/2075 and MIC2026/2076 are designed to provide tighter current-limit specifications that decrease a system's power-supply requirements. An internal discriminator circuit eliminates the need to add external filtering to prevent false over-current indications that can occur during hot-plug events, according to the company. Each channel of the MIC2026 and MIC2076 dual switches is thermally isolated from the other, designed to ensure that fault conditions on one channel do not shut the other channel off.

"Micrel designed the MIC2025 and MIC2026 to address the problems our customers are having in satisfying USB power-distribution requirements," said Kris Jones, product marketing manager. "The MIC2025 and MIC2026 greatly simplify meeting the USB requirements. In addition, the MIC2075 and MIC2076 are ideal protection devices for portable devices like notebook PCs. They reduce current consumption during fault conditions, thereby increasing battery life for this class of product."

In quantities of 1,000, the MIC2025-1/-2 and MIC2075-1/-2 are available in eight-pin SOICs for $0.86 each, and in eight-pin MSOP packages for $0.90 each. The MIC2026-1/-2 and MIC2076-1/-2 are available in eight-pin SOIC and eight-pin PDIP packages for $1.05, also in quantities of 1,000.