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Micrel Offers Fully Integrated 4A Synchronous Buck Regulator For 3.3 & 5V Supply Rails

March 06, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Micrel Inc. introduced a new member to its high power density family of products, a fully-integrated 4A synchronous buck regulator, the MIC22400 for powering systems from 3.3 and 5V supply rails.

With operating frequency programmable from 800KHz to 4 MHz, the IC features built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control – enabling all power-up sequencing and tracking protocols. Targeted at the communications, computing peripherals, and high-end consumer markets, the IC is suitable for servers/routers, HD DVD recorders, wireless base stations, FPGAs, DSPs, and low voltage ASICs, as well as other high power density applications.

"Ease-of-use, small size, high efficiency and high integration are key drivers for today’s demanding power designs," noted Andrew Cowell, Micrel’s Vice President of Marketing for Analog Products. "The MIC22400 delivers 4A at high efficiency while setting new standards in terms of small footprint and increased functionality."

The MIC22400 features fully integrated 60mΩ P-FET and 35mΩ N-FET switches that deliver a 4A output current with an input voltage range of 2.6-5.5V. The device has an adjustable output voltage down to 0.7V and provides efficiencies of up to 95%. A proprietary, patent–pending internal compensation scheme makes the devices extremely easy to use.

The MIC22400 requires very few external components and operates at a high fixed switching frequency, which in turn, reduces the size of passive components. The built-in sequencing/tracking feature enables reliable power up/down in multi-rail ASIC/FPGA applications. The device also offers an ultra-fast transient response, allowing the use of small output capacitors, and thermal shutdown, current limit protection and a junction operating range from -40 to +125°C. The IC is available in a 20-pin 4 x 3mm MLF with a thermally-enhanced Epad TSSOP available by the end of Q1, 2008.

The MIC22400 is currently available in volume quantities with pricing starting at $2.54 for 1K quantities.