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Micrel Debuts New MIC3730X LDO Regulator Family

April 18, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Micrel Semiconductor Inc. (San Jose, CA) announced its new MIC3730X family of low-voltage, high-current, low-dropout regulator (LDO) ICs, suitable for low-voltage microcontrollers, multimedia and PC processor supplies, and high-efficiency linear power supplies.

Manufactured in S-Pak packaging, the 3A MIC3730X LDOs provide 1.5V, 1.8V or 2.5V from a minimum supply of 2.25V or 3.0V. All devices in the family feature a dropout of 500mV over all conditions. All devices in the MIC3730X family are uCap designs, offering stability when driving high capacitance loads. The uCap capability permits the devices to use either tantalum capacitors or smaller, less expensive ceramic capacitors.

The MIC37300 is a three-terminal device, offering application simplicity and high performance. The MIC37301 includes an error flag to warn of fault conditions, and the device provides an enable pin for on/off control. The MIC37302 offers the added benefit of an adjustable output voltage as well as on/off control of the output voltage.

Pricing starts at $2.70 for quantities of 1,000. Samples are available, and production quantities are from stock to eight weeks ARO.