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Magna-Power Extends the its Series of AC/DC Power Supplies to 10kW

July 27, 2021 by Gary Elinoff

The 18 new programmable devices models stay true to SL Series’ 1U (1.75” high) rack-mount form factor.

Magna-Power’s 18 new SL Series models offer outputs up to 1500 VDC at currents of up to 250 amps. They accept three-phase AC inputs at 208, 240, 380/400, 415, 440, or 480 VAC.

The 1U SL Series now includes 10 kW models. Image courtesy of Magna-Power

The SL Series, Magna-Power’s first 1U power supplies, was introduced in 2013. The series includes 127 models at power levels of 1.5 kW, 2.6 kW, 4 kW, 6 kW, 8 kW and now 10 kW. Current efficiency levels of as high as 95% are now achieved. As all Magna-Power products are, the new power supplies are designed and manufactured at the company’s vertically integrated Flemington, New Jersey USA headquarters.

Available Models

On the first page of the datasheet, Magna-Power offers a chart outlining the entire SL series, including the 18 new 10kW units. One of the new units supplies 40 VDC at 250 amps. The series goes up in voltage and down in the current, sticking with the 10kW power specification until the new 18 member set ends with a unit supplying 1500 VDC at 6.6 amps.

Control and Monitoring

All SL series members enable monitoring and control via the front panel, and for PLC integration there is an isolated analog-digital I/O connector. There are also capabilities for extensive computer interfacing.

  • A Standard Commands for Programmable Instrumentation (SCPI) command set is supported for control from Python and from other programming language.
  • An IVI driver for the Visual Studio programming environment.
  • A dedicated National Instruments LabVIEW™ and LabWindows™ driver.
  • Other options are included for LXI TCP/IP Ethernet (+LXI), IEEE-488 GPIB (+GPIB), USB, and RS-485.


Standard protection features include:

  • A dedicated interlock input
  • Fuse fault
  • Protections against over-voltage, over-current, and overheating, all programmable.
  • An analog input programming line fault.

There is also a 3-phase contactor that can provide a mechanical break between the power supply’s power processing circuit and the AC mains. This engages when the power supply is in either standby or fault condition, which will provide operators with a more secure operating environment.


  • Automated test equipment (ATE) system integration
  • Aerospace testing
  • Electric vehicle (EV) testing
  • Semiconductor (including laser diode) burn-in
  • Generalized R&D applications

Physical Considerations

  • The 18 new members of the SL series operate over a -25℃ to 50℃ temperature range, with airflow from a side air inlet to a rear exhaust. Zero clearance is required at top or bottom, which allows for extremely dense rack-mount installations.
  • The dimensions of the 10-kilowatt devices are 1.75 inches high x 19 inches wide x 24 inches deep.
  • The units weigh 37 lbs

Regulatory and Safety Concerns

  • AC Input isolation to ground is ±2500 Vac, maximum.
  • Members of the SL Series can meet the MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration standards by means of the available Ruggedized (+RUG) option.