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Launch of the World’s Lightest PCS for Photovoltaic Power Generation Suitable for Self-Consumption

November 15, 2019 by Fuji Electric

This article highlights Fuji Electric  PIS-36/380-G DC/36 kVA and PIS-39/415-G DC/39 kVA, a power conditioning sub-system line suitable for self-consumption.

Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan; led by President Michihiro Kitazawa) is pleased to announce the launch of PIS-36/380-G (1100 V DC/36 kVA) and PIS-39/415-G (1100 V DC/39 kVA), the world's lightest* power conditioning sub-system line suitable for self-consumption.
*30 to 50 kVA

With the growing awareness of environmental issues, including global warming prevention, the use of renewable energy is expected to expand. Since Japan introduced a feed-in tariff (FIT) system in 2012, the generated electricity has mainly been sold, but recently there has been an increase in the use of electricity by companies that generated it for their own production activities, and the need for photovoltaic power generation for self-consumption is increasing. For such self-consumption, power generators are often installed on the rooftops of factories and other buildings. There is demand to reduce the weight of power conditioning sub-systems (PCS) and other ancillary equipment to facilitate transport and installation.

Fuji Electric has recently launched a medium-capacity PCS line suitable for self-consumption that achieves the world's lightest weight in the 30 to 50 kVA capacity range. FE has achieved a conversion efficiency of 98.6%, the industry’s highest level, using its own power semiconductors.

The company aims to increase orders landed in Southeast Asia, where photovoltaic power generation for self-consumption is being introduced because of the preferential tax system. It is currently obtaining product certification in the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.


Product Features

1. Achieved the world's lightest PCS by using aluminum

Although FE conventionally used steel for the casing of its central large-capacity PCSs, this product uses aluminum, making it the world's lightest PCS in the 30 to 50 kVA capacity range. Furthermore, coating the aluminum casing allows for installation in areas subject to severe salt damage, and it can accommodate a variety of installation locations.


PCS for photovoltaic power


2. Fanless structure realized by applying SiC power semiconductors, achieving long-term maintenance-free operation

In general, forced air cooling with fans is adopted in order to cool the heat generated by the power loss of the mounted power semiconductors. This product uses FE’s SiC power semiconductors to reduce the loss, and in combination with the optimum distribution of power semiconductors, it has made natural air cooling (fanless structure) possible. This has enabled long-term maintenance-free operation of 10 years, thereby improving customer convenience.


Key Specifications

Model PIS-36/380-G PIS-39/415-G
Destination countries Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam Malaysia
Input voltage DC1,100V  
Rated output capacity 36kVA 39kVA
Rated output voltage AC380V AC415V
Cooling system Natural air cooling  
Dimensions W × D × H (mm) 930 × 260 × 540  
Mass 58kg  


About Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric is committed to thoroughly exercising synergies between its core power semiconductor and power electronics technologies. By combining high-quality equipment employing key devices with engineering services. optimal control technologies, and IoT technologies developed through frontline operations, we will make contributions to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies in industrial and social infrastructure fields.