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High-Voltage Automotive Connectors are Vibration Resistant and Waterproof

October 17, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The high voltage HVH-280 series from Hirose consists of compact power source interface connectors intended for use in electric equipment such as automotive inverters, dc-dc converters, and chargers, as well as various industrial applications such as robotics and automation equipment. These connectors are rated for 600V ac or dc, 30A, and have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +120°C.

In the case of automotive applications, reducing the volume and weight of electric components in the drivetrain directly leads to improvements in vehicle performance such as passenger comfort and fuel efficiency. Therefore, there is a need for a smaller component. The HVH-280 series achieves a size reduction of approximately 40% compared to products with comparable specifications from other companies.

By taking advantage of HVH-280's compact size high voltage capability, vibration resistance and waterproof characteristics, the size of HEV and EV drive systems is reduced as well leading to higher added value in applications.


Substantial reduction in mounting area. Miniaturization of automotive inverters and other electrical equipment

  • By optimizing the panel mount design, the installation area has been greatly reduced. While maintaining a current capacity of 30A, this product is 16mm high and about 40% smaller in height compared to other products with similar specifications.

High waterproof performance with IPX9K

  • Each part of the wire housing panel is waterproof machined to withstand even high pressure cleaning. It can be used safely as an interface connector for automobiles and industrial equipment intended for use in harsh environments.
  • IPX9K waterproof test conditions: Tested at a water pressure of 8-10 MPa and a water temperature of 80 ± 5°C from a distance of 100-150 mm in 4 directions for 30 seconds each.

Adoption of CPA mechanism to ensure secure fitting

  • The use of a CPA (Connector Position Assurance) mechanism ensures a secure fit and prevents malfunctions due to incomplete mating.

Prevent electric shock accidents and ensure operator safety

  • An internal mating detection circuit ensures the safety of workers. To prevent electrical shock hazards, set the product so that no current flows to the power terminal unless the detection signal terminal and power terminal come in contact.

Excellent noise resistance

  • Metal shields and the ground contacts ensure total EMI prevention.

Vibration resistance

  • It has the performance to pass the 8.9G vibration test and can be used in environments where strong vibrations are applied.