New Industry Products

High-Performance ESD Protection Diodes

May 04, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) announced the introduction of four new ESD protection diodes: the DF2B5M4SL, DF2B6M4SL, DF10G5M4N and DF10G6M4N. The new, high-performance diodes shield mobile devices from electrostatic discharge and noise and are designed for use in smartphones, tablets, laptop PCs, and wearable devices.

"By applying a new process which uses our proprietary snapback technology, these products feature low capacitance, low dynamic resistance and high endurance simultaneously," noted Talayeh Saderi, business development manager for TAEC. "They are extremely robust and should contribute to system reliability."

Toshiba's new ESD protection diodes achieve their high-performance capabilities through a low dynamic resistance of R(DYN)=0.5 (typ.). Resistance is improved by 50 percent when compared with diodes that employ the conventional ESD protection diode array process.

When it comes to packaging, the DF2B5M4SL and DF2B6M4SL's small SOD-962 (0.62×0.32 mm) package makes them suitable for high density mounting, while the DF10G5M4N and DF10G6M4N's DFN10 multibit package enables flow-through layouts.

Features include: High protection performance with low dynamic resistance: R(DYN)=0.5 (typ.) (improved 50 percent compared with conventional process product); Suppresses signal quality deterioration via low capacitance: C(t)=0.2pF (typ.) at V(R)=0 V, f=1 MHz; High electrostatic discharge voltage: V(ESD)= ±20 kV (min) at IEC61000-4-2 (contact discharge)Level4 (about 2 times more conventional process product); and Low clamp voltages of: DF2B5M4SL, DF10G5M4N: V(C)=24 V (typ.) at I(TLP)=30 A, and DF2B6M4SL, DF10G6M4N: V(C)=25 V (typ.) at I(TLP)=30 A.