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Gresham Power Introduces New18KW Power Supply In 5U Rack

October 29, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Gresham Power Electronics introduced two new power supplies for high power or MIL applications where ultra-high power density is required. Requiring just 5U of rack space the PS1800 has a 320Vac output while the PS1848 provides bulk 48Vdc. Internal hot-pluggable modules may be configured to provide N+1 redundant power output up to 18KW. This remarkable output power availability is made possible by the use of a liquid cooled base plate.

The PS1800 and PS1848 have been designed and constructed to meet the requirements of heavy industrial, communications and military environments. Possible applications include communications and radar systems and telecoms infrastructure for naval and rugged land based installations.

Jake Moir, Managing Director of Gresham Power Electronics, commented, "Gresham Power has a long history of providing high reliability power systems for Naval applications based on bespoke designs and COTS solutions. The new PS1800 and PS1848 power supplies take base-plate cooling to a new level of performance providing very high power density allowing our customers to utilise maximum rack space for their own systems."

Common features of the PS1800 and PS1840 include, efficiency >98%, reliability >200,000 hours, operating temperature range -30 to +50°C, LED status indicators, RS422 for remote control and monitoring, over current, shirt circuit, over voltage and over temperature protection.