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Dual-Output IGBT / MOSFET Driver with Comprehensive Fault Detection

March 19, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has announced a new IGBT / MOSFET gate driver equipped with additional built-in functionality. The new TLP5231 will simplify the design task in a wide range of applications including industrial inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioners for solar energy and motor controls.

The TLP5231 pre-driver has a pair of outputs that are designed to drive external p-channel and n-channel MOSFETs used for current buffers. This allows the usage of a wide range of MOSFETs with various current ratings, meaning that the IGBT can be controlled by a rail to rail gate voltage. The driver can source and sink peak currents up to 2.5A and is rated for 1.0A continuously.

The device incorporates overcurrent detection, implemented by sensing VCE(sat) as well as undervoltage lock out (UVLO), both of which provide an open collector fault signal to the primary side. These features are not available on existing products (such as the TLP5214 & TLP5214A) and their inclusion on the TLP5231 significantly eases the process of gate drive circuit design.

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Additionally, the "gate voltage soft turn off time" after VCE(sat) overcurrent detection can be controlled by another external n-channel MOSFET. Propagation delays (L/H & H/L) are as low as 100ns.

Despite being housed in a tiny SO16L surface mount package, the TLP5231 offers an isolation voltage (BVs) of 5000Vrms (min.) with an internal isolation thickness in excess of 0.4 mm. Creepage and clearance distances are at least 8.0mm, making it suitable for safety-critical applications.

Summary of Features:

  • Output peak current: ±2.5A (max)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 110°C
  • Threshold input current: 3.5mA (max)
  • Propagation delay time: 300ns (max)
  • Common-mode transient immunity: ±25kV/μs (min)
  • Isolation voltage: 5000Vrms (min)
  • Dual output drive for external complementary type MOS buffer.
  • Under Voltage Lock-Out protection for positive and negative gate power supply.
  • Safety standards
    • UL-recognized: UL 1577, File No.E67349
    • cUL-recognized: CSA Component Acceptance Service No.5A File No.E67349
    • VDE-approved: EN 60747-5-5, EN 62368-1
    • CQC-approved: GB4943.1, GB8898 Japan Factory

Shipments of the new device start immediately.