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Dialog Semiconductor Launches Configurable HighFrequency SubPMICs Powering Latest Mobile Processors

October 29, 2019 by Dialog Semiconductor

Dialog Semiconductor Launches Configurable, High-Frequency Sub-PMICs Powering Latest Mobile Processors.

Dialog Semiconductor, a leading provider of power management, charging, AC/DC power conversion, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth low energy technology, today introduced a new power management product family of four new sub-PMICs that offer a best-in-class transient response and in-circuit digital programmability, in a smaller form factor than current market solutions.

The new product family of Buck converters, which consists of the DA9217, DA9220, DA9121, and DA9122, represents Dialog’s first sub-PMIC family with a 4MHz switching frequency that reduces inductor size and height to allow the use of smaller external components. The devices are ideal for ARM® Cortex™ based multi-core application processors and high-performance SoCs, FPGAs, and GPUs, which enable developers to fit a 6 to 10 Amp power solution into limited board areas of next-generation devices spanning smartphones, tablets, notebooks PCs, DSLR cameras, solid-state drives and more.

The devices drive higher efficiency without sacrificing functionality, simplifying complex system sequencing with digital programmability and configurability, for a seamless interface to the system microcontroller depending on the system requirements. The devices can support a single output up to 6 Amp / 10 Amp or dual outputs up to 3 Amp /5 Amp per output, making it ideal for the latest 7nm based SoCs.

Leveraging Dialog’s power conversion prowess, the devices were optimized for users requiring high current with maximum efficiency. The sub-PMICs can run from a single cell Li-ion battery, 3.3V or 5V power supplies. The I2C interface enables dynamic voltage control to optimize power savings and performance, while the fault protection features also provide overvoltage, overcurrent, and thermal shutdown protection.

“Designers continue to face new challenges with each passing year when it comes to power consumption and system size but are often forced to trade one feature for another,” said Scott Brown, VP Marketing of Dialog’s Advanced Mixed-Signal Business Group. “These new devices are addressing these challenges head-on which continue to demonstrate Dialog’s leadership within configurable power management solutions.”


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