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DC-DC Converters with 3D Integrated Packaging offer 50% Smaller Footprint

April 08, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Murata has unveiled the MYW series from the MonoBK™ dc-dc converter family. The new digital point-of-load (POL) modules offer a 50-percent smaller footprint than competing solutions and set new standards in size, efficiency and performance. The highly integrated, multi-output dc-dc converters leverage Murata’s core technology advantages in power module development, advanced 3D integrated packaging and passive component expertise.

The MonoBK™ MYW series are 4-channel dc-dc converters that integrate all passive components, including inductors, into a tiny form factor of 9.3mm x 9.0mm x 2.9mm (L × W × H). Standard outputs are 1.2Vdc, 3.3Vdc, 1.8Vdc and 2.5Vdc. The products feature an input voltage range of 2.8- to 5.5-V and programmable outputs of 0.4-to 3.58-V and deliver up to 3.0 Amps. Most applications will require few external components.

Due to the unique packaging process, the module has an outstanding thermal performance that can support a wide temperature range of -40 to +85°C. Based on a fixed-frequency synchronous buck converter switching topology, this high-efficiency POL module features on/off control and power-good signal out.

The first product in the series, the MYWGC3R53FFW92RAE, features protections for over-current (OCP), over-voltage (OVP), under-voltage (UVP) and over-temperature (OTP). Target power applications include FPGAs, CPUs and datacom/telecom systems.

Simplified application schematic (click on schematic to enlarge)

“In the power semiconductor market, there is a constant quest for smaller and more energy-efficient devices,” said Kenji Saito, Senior Manager of Marketing, Low Power Product, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. “With the MYW series, Murata is bringing to market highly-integrated multi-output dc-dc converters that set new standards for efficiency, size and performance.”


  • Quick response to load change
  • Small surface mount package 8.3 x 9.0 x 2.9 mm
  • Efficiency of 85.5%
  • Outstanding thermal derating performance
  • Over current protection
  • On/Off control (Positive logic)
  • I2C communication function
  • Power Good signal
  • High Reliability / Heat Shock Testing 700 cycles (-40°C to +105°C)