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Cosel Introduces Streamlined AC-DC Switching Power Supplies

June 19, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Cosel Co. Ltd. launched its 300 & 600W, ac-dc switching power supply PLA series. The company states that its PLA Series is as reliable series as its existing high end PBA Series, the difference being that the cost profile in this series is substantially reduced. Cosel claims that for many applications such as LED sign, automation and test equipment, the cost savings is dramatic.

The PLA series has been designed with streamlined functions and smart circuits as a basic concept. All electrolytic capacitors have 105°C rating, and built-in fan lifetime is 50,000H at 60°C. Other features include, low 1U profile for the PLA300F 41mm, 1.61" and PLA600F: 61mm. Options also include Conformal Coating of outside use, low leakage current for medical equipment, input voltage dip to withstand semiconductor manufacturing requirements.