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COSEL Expands Certified Low Profile Open Frame Power Supplies for Demanding Applications

December 11, 2019 by Cosel

COSEL Expands Certified Low Profile Open Frame Power Supplies for Demanding Applications.

Cosel Co, Ltd. announced the addition of four new series of open frame, low profile, compact power supplies covering the range of 30W to 100W and UL/EN62368-1 certified. The LHA30F, LHA50F, LHA75F, and LHA100F complement Cosel’s existing, leading LHA150F and LHA300F models, now offering an efficient power solution from 30W to 300W for demanding industrial applications. Benefiting from the latest power switching technologies, the LHA30-50-75-100F power supplies have a typical efficiency of up to 90% high-line and 86% low-line. In addition to higher efficiency, by using partial resonance technology, noise and ripple levels have also been reduced. Designed for use in a wide range of applications, the LHA30-50-75-100F offers a wide temperature range from -10 to +70 degrees C.


  • Low profile open frame (27mm, 1.07”)

  • Safety approvals UL62368-1, c-UL (equivalent to CAN/CSA-22.2 No.62368-1), EN62368-1

  • Harmonic attenuator IEC61000-3-2 compliant (Class A)

  • Wide temperature range -10 to +70 degrees C

  • High reliability – 5-year warranty


Based upon 10 years of successful sales and operation of its predecessor the LFA series, the LHA series has been designed to simplify choice for systems designers when selecting power supplies for demanding applications. From the 30W LHA30F to the 300W LHA300F, the complete family is UL/EN 62368-1 certified and ready to power the latest industrial applications requiring the highest level of quality and safety.

Designed for worldwide applications, the LHA30-50-75-100F power supplies have an input voltage range of 85VAC to 264VAC single phase and conform to the safety standards input voltage range of 100-240VAC (50/60Hz).

The 30W LHA30F is available in five output voltages, 3.3, 5, 12, 15 and 24V. Designed for an extended range of applications, the LHA50-75F is available in seven output voltages, 3.3, 5, 12, 15, 24, 36 and 48V, while the LHA100F comes in six output voltages, 5, 12, 15, 24 and 48V. Standard products are delivered with a factory trimmed output voltage though it is possible to order the LHA30-50-75-100F with a built-in potentiometer making it possible to adjust the voltage up and down (option Y).



In addition to their optimized switching topology that provides an energy efficiency figure of up to 90%, to reduce energy consumption when a unit is operating at light loads or is in standby, the LHA30-50-75-100F automatically switches to an energy-saving mode using intermittent pulse modulation. This contributes to excellent performance and high reliability. The power supplies include inrush current protection, over-current protection with automatic recovery when the default is removed, and over-voltage protection.

The units can be mounted in any orientation, though depending on the ambient temperature and environment a derating may apply.

In conducted noise tests, LHA30-50-75-100F power supplies comply with FCC-B, VCCI-B, CISPR11-B, CISPR32-B, EN55011-B, and EN55032-B. For further improved noise performance COSEL offers EMI/EMC filters type EAC-03-472.

The units have a 3,000VAC input to output isolation voltage, 2,000VAC input to ground and 500VAC output to ground.

Designed for use in demanding applications where space is often limited, the LHA30F measures 50 X 27 X 87.5mm (1.97 X 1.07 X 3.44 inches) and weighs 100g maximum. The LHA50F measures 50 X 27 X 112mm (1.9 7 X 1.07 X 4.41 inches) and weighs 140g maximum. The LHA75F comes in at 50 X 27 X 150mm (1.97 X 1.07 X 5.91 inches] and weighs 190g maximum, and finally the LHA100F measures 62 X 27 X 155mm (2.44 X 1.07 X 6.10 inches] and weighs 250g maximum.

Additional options are available for specific applications, Option-C for a conformal coating for improved moisture resistance, option-G for a lower leakage current (0.15mA max.), option-J4 for input and output EP connectors, and option-Y for an output voltage potentiometer.

The LHA30-50-75-100F power supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications including measurement and analysis equipment, machine tools and industrial robots, display equipment, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

For higher power and applications requiring EN62477-1 (OVC III) certification, models LHA150F and LHA300F are also available.

The power supplies comply with the RoHS directive and are CE marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive.



A range of electronic components, including semiconductors, are used within electronic products such as industrial and consumer equipment. Semiconductor devices such as IC, FET, transistors, diodes, etc. operate based on a stable DC power supply. In other words, it is vital to convert the AC current supplied to plants and households into a stabilized DC current. COSEL’s DC-stabilized power units help to realize this.

Nowadays almost all the products that are available in society and used in our daily lives utilize electronic technology, and as such, the DC-stabilized power unit holds the key to the future. At COSEL, we are engaged in endless discussions with new technology, in order to build high levels of reliability in future products.