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150°C Conductive Polymer Hybrid Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

October 09, 2019 by Paul Shepard

To meet the increasing demand for extremely high-temperature resistant capacitors in the automotive and industrial machinery fields, Nichicon Corporation has launched the GYD series of conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a rated operating temperature of 150°C.

Nichicon previously released the GYA series (rated at 125°C for 4,000 hours) and the GYC series (rated at 135°C for 4,000 hours), and now offers a rated temperature range of up to 150°C with the release of the GYD series.

The GYD series offers high performance and long life in extremely high-temperature environments that Nichicon’s previous capacitors are unable to withstand.


Conductive polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors use both conductive polymers and electrolytic solutions for electrolytes. Combining the two types of electrolytes gives the GYD series characteristics of both conductive polymers (low ESR, high ripple current, high heat resistance) and electrolytic solutions (low leakage current thanks to oxide film restoration).

The GYD series has achieved a guaranteed temperature rating of 150°C by making improvements in the materials and manufacturing process of the conductive polymer, in addition to using a low-evaporation electrolyte that is compatible with conductive polymers.

The series has the longest guaranteed life in the industry for capacitors sized φ8×10L and φ10×10L at 1,000 hours. The GYD series offers the highest ripple current for capacitors with a guaranteed rating of 150°C. The GYD series can contribute to miniaturization since it allows up to 15-times the ripple current compared to the UBC series (aluminum electrolytic capacitors).

Specification comparison (click on table to enlarge)

Main Specifications

  • Rated voltage range 25- to 35-Vdc
  • Rated capacitance range 100- to 270-μF
  • Category temperature range -55 to +150°C
  • Product dimensions Φ8×10L to φ10×10L (mm)
  • Life 1,000 hours at 150°C
  • Terminal shape Chip type *with vibration-resistant structure