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1000W Fanless Harsh Environment Digital Power Supply

October 10, 2019 by Paul Shepard

In recent years, the 5G industry, data centers, laser equipment, and EV charging equipment are demanding more complex functions and higher reliability from power supplies. As a response to the market demand, Mean Well has invested a large amount of software and hardware R&D resources to develop the HEP-1000, which is an intelligent ac-dc power supply for harsh environments. In addition to the low-voltage 24V and 48V models commonly used in the industry, this product also comes with 100V high-voltage model to meet the needs of high-voltage applications such as lasers and charging.

The HEP-1000 is enclosed in a unique fanless and fully-sealed metal casing and is fully encapsulated with silicone gel, which provides effective environmental protections when installing power supplies in dusty and humid environments. Customers can reduce maintenance costs significantly and ensure the equipment can operate reliably for a long time.

Another key feature of the HEP-1000 is the integration of power supply and charger in a single model. Customers can switch the power supply and charging mode through the Mean Well accessory (SBP-001) or communication interface, greatly reducing the number of models and stocking keeping unit (SKU) count.

On the charger side, the HEP-1000 has built-in three-stage programmable charging curves for constant current, constant voltage and floating charge capabilities, allowing users to define their own charging parameters. It is suitable for lead-acid batteries such as gel, flooded and AGM, as well as lithium ion (lithium iron, lithium manganese) batteries, to meet the diverse charging needs of electric vehicles and other electric devices.

In addition, electrical performance and status of the charger can be monitored through communication functions. The constant monitoring of electrical parameters, such as output voltage, current, and protection alarms status, may preemptively prevent disastrous accidents such as overheating of batteries due to overcharging.

The standard HEP-1000 models are equipped with the PMBus communication protocol, and optional models with the CANBus communication protocol are also available for customers to purchase. These intelligent communication functions allow the power supply to be seamlessly integrated into different types of high-end system, making it a controlled peripheral device that is integrated with the power supply.

Benefits will include power saving, status monitoring, and fast communication between the system and power supply, making the HEP-1000 a suitable solution for data centers and Netcom devices with digital power management requirements.

At the same time, the HEP-1000 has analog controlled programmable voltage and programmable current functions (PV/PC). Through external dc voltage signals, the output voltage and current level can be adjusted between 50% to 125% and 20% to 100% respectively. The ability to flexibly meet various load and control requirements makes the HEP-1000 suitable for burn-in equipment, charging equipment and laser applications.

Summary of features and specifications:

  • Fanless and fully-potted design for harsh environment
  • Cooling by free air convection
  • 90- to 305-Vac full range input
  • Efficiency up to 96%
  • Wide working temperature range of -40°C to +70°C
  • Withstand 10G vibration test
  • Built-in 2/3 stage charging curves and programmable curve
  • Protections: Short circuit / Overload / Over voltage / Over temperature
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 310 x 144 x 48.5 mm
  • 6-year warranty