Bench Top Workspace — Connecting a PSU


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Working from home, I'm trying to spiff up my bench top work space.

I am trying to rig up a computer power supply to be used on a benchtop. I was told that by connecting pin 14 (in my case green) to ground that would tell the PSU that the motherboard was connected.

When i connect the green wire to the ground the light on the back of the psu turns solid green and the fan kicks on for a split second just enough to make it halfway spin and it does nothing. I'm not geting any voltage from any of the wires. Do you know what might cause that?


While I may not be of much help on this particular question, I too am I thinking about creating an at-home work bench.

WFH and being home all the time has really made me want to have this space for myself out in our shed or garage.

Has it been easy for you to build ... other than the issues you've mentioned above? I may be an engineer, but I'm no skilled carpenter.
You should share a picture of your workspace if you've gotten this all figured out. Always interested in seeing what others are working with during these strange times.