DC-DC Converter Topology


I'm looking for a DC-DC converter topology with the following characteristics:

Input Voltage Range 2.7-5V
Output Voltage: 12V
Output Power: 1kW

It is not of primary importance the isolation.

Do you have any suggestions about the most suitable DC-DC converter topology (high power and high gain)?

Thank you in advance.

1kW is a lot of power.
At 12 Volts it would mean a current of 83.33 Amp.
At the input of 2.7 Volts it would mean a current of about 400 Amp.
What would be in input source?
How long would the 1 kW be mentained?

Where did you find a 5V 200A source of power? Extending the 5V down to 2.7V at 400A makes the design harder.

Some times we break up the project into four 250 watt supplies running in parallel. or maybe 10 x 100 watt supplies.