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I've built an Arduino powered macro keyboard, it has a few buttons on it which when pressed send a key command to my pc which is then intercepted and processed by AutoHotkey.

I want to add a volume knob to this setup but can't find the correct type. It should be like a button in terms of its output, as in each click in one direction is a button push, and each click in the other direction is a different button push. Ideally, when not being turned it's grounded, however, that isn't necessary.

The main requirements are:
- Each turn in one direction has the exact same output no matter how many times it has been turned.
- there's no limit to how many times it can turn (like there is with a pot).
- Turns both ways, each having a separate output.

The reasoning for this method over a pot is that the pc volume could vary from what the pot's value represents on plugging in, either resulting in limited adjustment or a sudden volume change, neither are nice results.

I know such a switch is out there, as it is in use on my radio, but finding one online has proved tougher than I imagined, likely since I don't know what it's called.

TL;Dr: Rotating switch, like a potentiometer, except each click of the knob sends out a signal as if it were a button.
Sounds something like a rotary wafer switch with the stop removed. These come with as many wafer segments you need and rotary positions.
You seem to want a rotary encoder. These come in many versions that have x-number of steps per revolution. They output a pulse per step.
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