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Electrify America’s Bold Move: Indoor EV Fast Charging

March 06, 2024 by Jake Hertz

Electrify America will inaugurate an indoor electric vehicle fast-charging station to increase availability of EV charging infrastructure.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are vital for reducing carbon emissions, lessening reliance on fossil fuels, and ensuring a sustainable future. Yet, despite the paramount importance of EVs, their popular adoption still faces hurdles, particularly concerns about charging infrastructure and battery range.

To address concerns about range and charging infrastructure, Electrify America plans to unveil an indoor charging station featuring 20 direct-current fast-charging ports, aligning with the trend of enhancing the appeal of local charging facilities.


EV charging station

EV charging station. Image used courtesy of Electrify America


Challenges on the Path to EV Adoption

A major challenge facing EV adoption revolves around the scarcity and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure.

With global EV sales growth hindered by concerns about charging station availability and wait times, particularly in adverse weather conditions, the need for more appealing neighborhood stations becomes apparent. The absence of convenient and safe charging facilities poses a significant barrier to EV adoption, particularly for apartment dwellers and those lacking home charging options. 

Within the United States, the charging infrastructure encompasses 103,000 stations, comprising both public and private facilities. However, only 9,300 offer complimentary charging, free from parking fees. This starkly contrasts with the expansive network of over 145,000 public gas stations nationwide, accentuating the notable disparity in infrastructure between electric vehicle charging amenities and conventional fueling outlets.

Addressing this challenge involves expanding charging infrastructure and ensuring faster charging speeds, reliability, and accessibility, ultimately boosting consumer confidence and accelerating the transition to electric vehicles. To solve this issue, the Biden administration introduced the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which allocates $5 billion to deploy 500,000 EV charging stations nationwide. This initiative will upgrade chargers along 75,000 miles (120,000 kilometers) of highways, promoting sustainable transportation.


Overcoming Hurdles in EV Adoption

From a power electronics perspective, electric vehicles require DC power for charging, but wall outlets provide AC power, requiring the design of onboard converters for power from household outlets. The most common forms of AC public charging stations include Level 1 chargers, which use standard outlets with 1 kW of power, and Level 2 chargers at around 5 kW. For faster charging rates, Level 3 chargers uniquely utilize direct current charging to achieve power output ranging from 60 kW to 360 kW.

To address the scarcity of charging infrastructure, particularly Level 3 chargers, Electrify America intends to open a 20-plug 350-kilowatt direct-current fast-charging station in downtown San Francisco. The indoor charging station concept will open bay doors from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and offer amenities, including Wi-Fi access, 24-hour security personnel, and climate-controlled lounges while waiting. By offering a premium indoor charging environment, Electrify America hopes to mitigate range anxiety and incentivize EV ownership, particularly among apartment dwellers and urban residents.


Electrify America’s indoor charging station in San Francisco

Electrify America’s indoor charging station in San Francisco. Image used courtesy of Electrify America


This is a part of the company’s larger goal to invest $1 billion in the construction of 400 more charging stations consisting of 2,500 charging plugs by the end of the decade. 


An Optimistic EV Outlook

Before EVs can truly overtake internal combustion engineer vehicles, there is a significant need for better and more plentiful charging options. By investing in developing a luxury, fast-charging indoor station, Electrify America hopes to quell concerns over access to charging in order to accelerate the adoption of EVs. Overall, the development of indoor charging stations represents a promising advancement in the journey toward a greener automotive landscape.