ZigBee Alliance and [email protected] Collaborate on European Residential Energy Platform

October 03, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

The ZigBee® Alliance and [email protected] will cooperate on the creation of an integrated residential energy value added services platform for Europe by leveraging four ZigBee standards. Under a liaison agreement, the groups will focus on blending the strengths of ZigBee Home Automation™, ZigBee Smart Energy™, ZigBee Telecom Services™ and ZigBee Gateway™ to create the platform.

The platform, proposed by Electrolux, Enel, Indesit Company and Telecom Italia, will offer control of consumer smart appliances, communication with broadband networks, and communication with Automatic Meter Management system. According to the companies, the platform will create value added services designed to help European consumers better manage energy use in their homes. These energy services will also give Europeans the ability to lead the way in the global energy efficiency challenge.

"[email protected] is focused on increasing consumers’ awareness of their energy consumption, while also providing them with new tools to better control their energy use wherever they might be and at any time at all times." said Fabio Bellifemine, a member of the Steering Committee of [email protected] "The ZigBee Alliance has done groundbreaking work by developing a variety of standards that will play an integral role in our proposed platform."

"The collaboration with [email protected] will increase the scope and value of ZigBee Home Automation," said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. "[email protected] recognizes the tremendous value of the growing family of standards developed by the ZigBee Alliance and we look forward to helping [email protected] seize the numerous time-to-market advantages our standards offer because improving the use of energy is a global issue."

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