ZAP Receives $1 Million Initial Electric Car and Vehicle Order From Canadian Distributor

August 23, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

ZAP and New Fuel Systems Inc. (NFS) announced they have signed a distribution agreement for Canada, sparked in part by Canada’s commitment to reduce greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol. Under the agreement, NFS has agreed to the initial purchase of $1 million worth of ZAP electric vehicles, including ZAP electric cars, trucks, mopeds, scooters and other electric vehicles. NFS plans to open retail locations throughout Canada and showcase electric transportation during the 2010 Winter Olympics being planned for Whistler, British Columbia.

According to company officials, ZAP and NFS share a common goal to increase the awareness and sales of electric vehicles, including automotive and consumer vehicles, while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. The companies state that, with the combined goals and strength of each, they believe that this vision can become a reality at a much greater pace.

The Canadian Government signed the "Kyoto Protocol" which binds them under international law to reduce greenhouse gases. Officials from ZAP and NFS believe this opens up tremendous opportunities in Canada and the world for environmentally friendly alternatives like ZAP’s "zero emission" electric vehicles.

World attention will be focused on the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in Whistler, just North of Vancouver, and are being promoted as the first ever "Green" Olympic Games. The California Senate and British Columbia government are working together to achieve "emission reductions" programs and "green consciousness." It is the mission of ZAP and NFS to promote, market and utilize "ZAP Electric Vehicles" before, during, and after this major event while at the same time promoting the agenda of the California Senate and BC Government.