O2Micro Granted Patent for Buffer Battery Power Supply System

June 28, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

O2Micro International Ltd. (Santa Clara, CA) has been granted 28 claims under US Patent Number 6,246,215 for its Buffer Battery Power Supply System. The system provides a measurement scheme to monitor power delivered to the active system, ensuring system-power integrity.

The Buffer Battery Power Supply IC provides an analog method of shifting available power first to the active system and then to the battery as needed. The circuit ensures that all power not utilized by the active system is used to charge the battery. In addition, the measurement and control circuitry in the IC guarantee that battery power and current limits are not exceeded, thus ensuring battery safety.

“The award of this patent adds to the ever-expanding intellectual property portfolio of O2Micro, and extending the useable time between battery charges brings more enjoyment to users of hand-held devices,” stated Sterling Du, CEO and chairman of O2Micro.