Vanner Achieves UL1741 Listing of SunLynx II System

December 13, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Vanner Inc. (Hilliard, OH) announced that it has achieved the UL1741

listing of its SunLynx II renewable energy inverter system. The Sunlynx II optimizes the power transfer from the photovoltaic array to ac utility power. This has been achieved by a new, higher specification, front-end SunLynx Module.

The accompanying new SunLynx inverter module (RE48-4500N) features increased immunity to conducted and radiated EMI as well as improved firmware. The new system can provide in excess of 2,000W or 4,000W in grid-tie mode, while maintaining UL1741-approved, anti-islanding protection. In addition to the net-metering benefit for consumers, the SunLynx II can provide off-line power to specific loads during power outages should

sufficient photovoltaic power be available.