Teledyne Delivers PEM Fuel Cell to NASA

April 01, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Teledyne Technologies Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) announced that its subsidiary, Teledyne Energy Systems Inc., delivered a 5kW breadboard proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell power system to NASA. The delivery was made as part of Teledyne Energy Systems multi-year contract with NASA's Glenn Research Center to develop an advanced PEM fuel cell power plant for NASA's Next Generation Launch Technology Program.

The 5kW fuel cell breadboard includes all components and control systems to allow safe, unattended operation. The unit delivered by Teledyne Energy Systems met or exceeded all current program design requirements, including weight, volume, efficiency and total power. In addition, Teledyne's unit demonstrated the ability to deliver substantial peak power beyond its nominal 5kW rating. Such additional power will provide NASA with substantial flexibility as it designs new launch vehicles.

The breadboard unit will be tested at NASA's Johnson Space Center facility. Testing will include validation of the base performance and analysis of the full capabilities of the system under various simulated flight profiles.