Stuart Energy to Fuel Ford Focus Fuel Cell Testing

April 29, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Stuart Energy Systems Corp. (Mississauga, ON) will provide its Community Fueler Portable 450 (CFP-450) hydrogen fueling station to Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, MI) to assist with testing of its new Ford Focus Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) this summer. The CFP-450 will be stationed at Ford's proving grounds, supplying clean hydrogen fuel to support testing of the new Focus FCV and other Ford hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Stuart Energy’s CFP-450 is a unique hydrogen infrastructure solution, which integrates hydrogen generation equipment, storage and dual-pressure (3,600psig and 5,000psig) dispensing. The components are mounted on a single trailer and packaged to enable the system to be easily transported. The CFP-450 can produce 1kg of hydrogen an hour and can fuel up to 50 vehicles a week. Using this system, filling up with hydrogen will take about the same time as filling up with gasoline.

"The CFP-450 is the ideal solution to meet early hydrogen infrastructure needs. It's portable, so it provides our customers the flexibility they need now, enabling them access to hydrogen fuel anywhere, anytime," commented Stuart Energy President and CEO Jon Slangerup. "We are focused on developing products where there is a clear market need. Working with our partners and customers, we are creating and marketing innovative products for both the transportation and power markets."