STMicroelectronics Announces Acquisition of Synad

December 17, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

STMicroelectronics Inc. (ST, Geneva, Switzerland) announced the acquisition of wireless LAN developer Synad Technologies Ltd. (UK), which is a fast-growing startup that has rapidly revealed itself as a successful WLAN fabless company and one of the few able to deliver a full dual-band, multi-standard solution. Synad has a proven multi-mode, full CMOS, production-ready chipset and reference design, and powerful software suites for both wireless-LAN access point and client applications.

"ST's broad range of components and platforms for telecom and consumer market applications offers an immense opportunity for the wireless-LAN technology and expertise of Synad," said Johan Danneels, general manager of ST's Telecom Group. "Through the acquisition of Synad and the integration of their outstanding engineering team, we will be able to strengthen our internal wireless-LAN connectivity developments, in order to deliver them into many high-volume, end-products, bringing to our customers new levels of integration and reduced costs."