Sipex Announces Digital Power Design Center in Canada

August 02, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Sipex Corp. announced the formation of a design center in Toronto, Canada to commercialize digital power intellectual property that has been jointly developed with the University of Toronto. According to the company, the digital power intellectual property development will enable Sipex to broaden its power portfolio and break through traditional power boundaries to provide system architecture solutions for power management.

"We feel that the relationship with the University of Toronto has been very beneficial to Sipex, and we are pleased to establish the design center near the University to commercialize the digital power IP we both developed. I look forward to strengthening the cooperation between our two organizations," said Lee Cleveland, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Sipex.

A pioneer in the use of digital control for low-power supplies used in cell phones, laptops and other portable electronics, Engineering Professor Aleksandar Prodic, of the University of Toronto, has been collaborating with Sipex for the past two years in the area of digital power. The engineers at the Toronto design center will develop commercial products based on that research.

"Working with Sipex has resulted in exceptional results in digital power management. Sipex encourages and understands how important it is to allow researchers to be creative, and that the freedom in research results in innovation," said Professor Prodic.