SinkPAD Unveils Thermal Management PCB Technology for LED Industry

June 07, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

SinkPAD Corp. has announced that its new SinkPAD™ aluminum PCB technology is now available. CTO Kris Vasoya stated, "We are up and running, ready to support our customers with our problem solving LED thermal management PCBs using our SinkPAD technology. We are open for business."

Thes new thermally enhanced PCBs are described as a complete and effective solution to the challenges faced by the solid state lighting industry, specifically those with aluminum LED PCB applications.

Available now, the new SinkPADT technology significantly improves LED thermal management in all LED systems. It is most effective in high-power LED cooling making it possible for commercialization.

SinkPAD conducts heat out of the LED system (LED conduction cooling) by enabling a direct thermal path between the LED and surrounding atmosphere. The LED thermal resistance can be substantially reduced by eliminating the lowest thermal conductivity/highest thermal resistance component, the dielectric material. Unlike conventional IMS PCB or MCPCB the dielectric material in a SinkPAD pcb functions only as an electrically insulated barrier to the metal base but leaves it thermally connected i.e. direct thermal path. The thermal path of an LED should be electrically neutral within the LED package, i.e. Cree XP, XM-L, MT-G, XR, Luxeon Rebel from Philips Lumiled, Oslon SSL from OSARM, N219 from Nichia, PhlatLight from Luminus etc., in order to solder the LED directly to the SinkPAD.