Siemens and Enphase Sign Microinverter Technology Supply and Distribution Agreement

February 01, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Siemens Industry, Inc. and Enphase Energy Inc. announced a supply and distribution agreement for the sale of Enphase’s next generation of solar microinverter technology through the Siemens nationwide network of electrical equipment distributors. According to the agreement, Enphase will provide Siemens with solar microinverters and Enlighten, a web-based monitoring service to create reliable, turnkey solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions.

"We believe that the combination of Enphase Energy’s Microinverter System, integrated with our electrical distribution and safety products will set the stage for Siemens to become the premier provider of solar photovoltaic power solutions for businesses, homeowners and builders," said Barry Contrael, Director, Siemens Low Voltage Business Unit. "Predicated on Enphase Energy’s market-leading solution and proven reliability, the agreement enables us to expand into new markets and provide businesses and homeowners safe, affordable access to solar power."

The Enphase Microinverter System provides a modular, scalable platform to connect roof-mounted solar PV modules with a typical building’s alternating current (ac) load center or panel board. Enphase microinverters offer a simple and compelling solution to complex system implementation problems and safety issues associated with the direct current (dc) output of today’s solar PV modules. Electrical contractors will now have expanded access to the technologies and tools they need to deliver these systems to their commercial and residential customers.

"The combined capabilities of Enphase and Siemens will provide electrical contractors a unique "all-ac" solar solution ideally aligned with their current skill set and the needs of home and business owners," said Paul Nahi, CEO of Enphase Energy. "This agreement is a testament to our breakthrough technology and the rigor of Enphase’s products, design techniques, testing and manufacturing processes. With over 500,000 microinverters deployed, this agreement further establishes Enphase as the proven, bankable leader in advanced microinverter systems technology."

By providing innovative per-module microinverter technology that dramatically simplifies system design and installation time, Enphase states that it removes the technical barriers that have traditionally limited the growth of solar PV in commercial and residential applications. This combined with Siemens’ proven power distribution and circuit protection technologies is said by the companies to ensure the growing demand for renewable energy is met with a solar system that remains safe, cost-effective and reliable throughout its lifetime.