SEMI Announces Four New Technical Standards; Specifications Cover FPD, MEMS & Semiconductor Industries

June 29, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

SEMI announced that it has published four new technical standards applicable to the flat panel display (FPD), MEMS and semiconductor manufacturing industries. The new standards, developed by technical experts from equipment and materials suppliers, device manufacturers and other companies participating in the SEMI International Standards Program, are available for purchase in CD-ROM format or can be downloaded from the SEMI website.

SEMI Standards are published three times a year. The new standards, part of the July 2008 publication cycle, join more than 770 standards that have been published by SEMI during the past 35 years.

"These SEMI Standards represent a continuation of the work undertaken by the volunteers in the SEMI International Standards Program," said James Amano, Director, SEMI International Standards. "The four new specifications provide critical solutions to manufacturing challenges in the FPD, MEMS and semiconductor industries."

The "Specification for Microfluidic Interfaces to Electronic Divice Packages" (SEMI MS7-0708) defines an industry-standard for fluidic interfaces with electronic devices. The specification describes the connection attributes and specifies the interface dimensions required to design and build devices and systems that are compliant with this standard. The goal is to enable devices from different vendors to interconnect via an open architecture. The specification is intended as an enhanced capability to state-of-the-art electronic device technologies incorporating a combination of electronics and fluidics.