Qualcomm Acquires HaloIPT Team and its Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

November 08, 2011 by Jeff Shepard

Qualcomm Inc. announced that it has acquired substantially all of the technology and other assets of HaloIPT, a leading provider of wireless charging technology for electric road vehicles. All members of the HaloIPT team have joined Qualcomm’s European Innovation Development group based in the UK.

"Qualcomm has been investing in wireless power for a number of years and the HaloIPT acquisition will further strengthen our technology and patent portfolio," said Andrew Gilbert, executive vice president of European Innovation Development for Qualcomm. "Building on 20 years of development and innovation in wireless power at The University of Auckland and its commercialization company Auckland UniServices Ltd, the HaloIPT team, in a relatively short period of the time, had established itself as a leading developer in wireless electric road vehicle charging – with HaloIPT winning industry acclamation and awards."

"We are immensely proud of what has been achieved by our team at HaloIPT over the past 18 months" said John Miles, executive chairman of HaloIPT and a director at Arup. "In that short space of time, we have brought world-class university research to theattention of the global automotive industry and, through really innovative design, demonstrated the potential for wireless charging in front of several of the world’s leading OEMs. That has been a terrific achievement".

In addition to the HaloIPT transaction, Qualcomm and Auckland UniServices, the commercialisation company of the University of Auckland, have committed to a long-term research and development arrangement to promote continued innovation in the field of wireless charging for electric road vehicles by way of inductive power transfer.

"UniServices is proud to see the development of technology for the wireless charging of electric vehicles become an important area for Qualcomm," said Peter Lee, chief executive officer, UniServices. "We believe Qualcomm is well positioned to make available this technology to third parties for the wireless charging of electric road vehicles, and the relationship will provide opportunities for continued research and development of this technology."

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