PULS Opens US Branch Office in Chicago, IL

November 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

PULS GmbH (Munich, Germany), a manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies for DIN rails, has expanded its international presence. Following a change in the sales partner for indirect trading, the Munich company has now opened its own branch office in St. Charles, IL, near Chicago. The new branch, PULS L.P., will work alongside the existing partners to seal gaps that exist in the company's sales network.

The office has opened with seven employees, and has immediately recorded its first successful sales. PULS L.P is able to offer the same support as is available to that of German customers with PULS GmbH. In addition to sales, the PULS L.P office has its own logistics centre where other activities comprise of order processing, technical support and marketing. PULS has been able to obtain the American market's largest automation manufacturer as a new partner for indirect sales, and this company will offer the German switched-mode power supplies under its own label.