PowerLight and Shingleton Form Strategic Partnership

December 03, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

PowerLight Corp. (Berkeley, CA) and Shingleton Design have reached an exclusive agreement to pursue the joint development, marketing and sales of PowerTracker™ and PowerRack™ solar-electric systems. Under this agreement, PowerLight purchased patents, intellectual property and other assets developed by industry veteran Jefferson Shingleton.

PowerTracker systems use non-concentrating solar panels that harvest both direct and diffuse daylight, generating between 17 to 35 percent more energy than fixed solar panels as they automatically follow the sun's path from early morning to late afternoon. The PowerTracker system is based on a design in which a single motor, drive and controller moves multiple rows of solar panels. A minimal number of moving parts results in very low maintenance costs.

"I have known Jeff Shingleton and have closely followed the evolution of his solar tracker designs for the last 12 years," said Dan Shugar, president of PowerLight. "We have productively incorporated his patented product on large projects over the last several years, and look forward to using its unique features to help expand the global solar market."