Performance Designed Products Pens Licensing Deal with Eveready for Energizer Portable Power Solutions

January 10, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Performance Designed Products LLC (PDP) announced a new licensing deal with Energizer to manufacture and distribute products in the Energizer® "Portable Power" category. Products in the Portable Power line include the Energizer Instant Chargers, Portable Smartphone Chargers, Charging Cases for iPhone 4, 4S, and iPhone 5, Premium USB Wall and Car Chargers and Induction Chargers and sleeves utilizing the latest Qi induction technology.

"Energizer has been one of the most trusted names in power for decades," said Bill Otte, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales, "PDP is honored to be chosen as Energizer's partner for the continued development and production of the Portable Power category line in North America."

"As we increase our focus on growing our base businesses in batteries and portable lights, we will be transitioning portable power products that we had been developing to our partner Performance Designed Products. It is our full intention to minimize disruption for our customers through this transition. The Energizer brand is very relevant in power, and we are confident that PDP will continue to exceed consumers' expectations of our brand," said Michelle Atkinson, Chief Marketing Officer, Energizer Battery.