N2Power and Powergate LLC Sign Distribution Agreement

April 04, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

N2Power announced that it has signed an agreement with Powergate LLC to be a distributor for N2Power’s entire product line of XL-Series ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies throughout North America. Powergate focuses exclusively on delivering power technology solutions to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and integrators.

N2Power’s XL-Series ac-dc and dc-dc power supplies produce more power in less space, freeing up valuable system real estate. Eight XL-Series product families are expressly designed for applications such as industrial automation, gaming systems, telecommunications, security and surveillance systems, and network servers, and span a range of outputs from 125 to 375W. According to the company, very compact, low profile packaging yields unmatched power density, making the system designer’s job much easier.

"We are very pleased that Powergate LLC has invited N2Power to join their select list of suppliers," said Randy Johnson, N2Power Business Unit Manager. "Our agreement gives N2Power enhanced resources to support customers by leveraging Powergate LLC’s advanced warehousing and inventory management systems, and their sales and applications teams that are focused exclusively on delivering power supply solutions. Our state-of-the-art power supplies both broaden and compliment Powergate LLC’s current offerings. Together, we deliver more value and greater flexibility to OEM power system designers that pay real competitive dividends in their final products."

The XL-Series high power density product families incorporate active power factor correction, built in Or’ing diodes for current sharing, active inrush current limiter, remote on-off, I²C interface for digital power management and over 90% efficiency in most models. All N2Power supplies meet the full range of international agency approvals.