Motorola, PowerDsine Form Strategic Partnership

June 08, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

The Semiconductor Products Sector of Motorola Inc. and PowerDsine Ltd. (Farmingdale, NY), a leader in power-over-ethernet (PoE) solutions, are combining expertise to jointly create an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) for the emerging PoE market. PowerDsine and Motorola will assemble a joint team of engineers to design 802.3af-compliant chips based on Motorola's SMARTMOS™ technology and PowerDsine's Power-over-LAN™ technology. The first chip will integrate power, analog and logic functions into one device.

The first product resulting from the Motorola-PowerDsine collaboration will address the needs for 12-, 24- and 48-output equipment. Using the ASIC, networking equipment manufacturers can expect to be able to directly integrate power sourcing equipment functionality. Unlike other semiconductors offered for PoE, the chip designed by Motorola and PowerDsine is expected to provide power to 12 ethernet ports (15W power per port) through one chip, minimizing the number of external components and reducing overall system costs.

PowerDsine is expected to sample products to customers by the end of 2003. Volume production is expected in early 2004. The device is fully IEEE 802.3af-compliant and also works with pre-standard proprietary solutions.