Microsemi Receives Patent for Linfinity's RangeMAX ICs

February 06, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Microsemi Corp. (Santa Ana, CA) recently announced that its Linfinity Division (Garden Grove, CA) has received a second patent covering unique design aspects of its RangeMAX ICs used in lighting the LCDs found in computer and mobile telecommunications products.

The US Patent No. 5923129 covers a method for reducing the number of components needed to power the cold cathode fluorescent lamps used in computer monitors and laptop computers.

"Taken with our recent Direct Drive Backlight System Architecture patent, this invention clearly puts RangeMAX technology at the leading edge for advanced, energy-efficient solutions in power LCD lamps," said James J. Peterson, vice president and general manager of the Linfinity Division. "Our RangeMAX products represent a significant part of our growth strategy in creating application-specific power-management ICs and modules."