Micro Power Launches Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

October 23, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Micro Power Electronics Inc. (Hillsboro, OR) announced a national initiative to support the growing demand from engineers for high-performance battery systems. Micro Power has developed an applications-driven development process, using predictive characterization methods, in combination with accurate performance verification.

Micro Power's development methodology has led to the rapid adoption of its lithium-ion smart battery packs for performance-critical applications in the health care, field instrument and hand-held computing markets. Engineers can optimize a battery system's design for its target device to minimize power loss and battery wear, as well as push the performance envelopes of battery systems to achieve the highest battery efficiencies and run times, while maintaining the maximum levels of reliability and safety.

"Battery pack development has evolved from a simple assembly task into a complex systems process," said Greg Love, CEO for Micro Power. "Due to the high levels of battery expertise and sophisticated equipment needed to properly optimize a battery system for an application, portable equipment manufacturers are relying on capable battery developers, such as Micro Power, to design and manufacture their solutions."